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La Holista

Vegetarian, Snacks
Green delivery & take-out
La Holista provides reduced-plastic delivery and/or take-out.
Bring-your-own container discount
La Holista offers a 5% discount to customers who provide their own take-out containers.
Vegetarian menu
La Holista offers a dedicated vegetarian or plant-based menu.
Free drinking water
La Holista provides free drinking water and you can refill your water bottle for free.
No plastic straws
La Holista has eliminated plastic straws in dine-in and take-out.
No plastic bags
La Holista has eliminated carry-out plastic bags in dine-in and take-out.
No plastic bottles
La Holista has eliminated plastic bottles in dine-in and take-out.
From the business
La Holista Co., Ltd. is a Holistic Health & Wellness Company founded by Chiara Squinzi, Italian Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Vegan Nutritionist and managed with Pascale Fioretti, an experienced Hospitality professional, NLP & Executive Coach. We offer wholesome foods & drinks, lunch delivery services, cooking classes, hikes, retreats, after-school activities, documentary screenings, corporate consulting, public speaking & events.
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  • Green delivery & take-out
    Reduced plastic
  • Plant-based menu